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When it comes to protecting your saxophone, the quality of your saxophone case is super important.

When buying a new saxophone, the case that comes with it is usually sufficient…

…In fact, cases have improved tremendously over the past few years.

But many of these cases are not suitable for traveling, especially on planes.

For the past few years, I’ve been using the BAM Hightech case for my tenor saxophones.

While I love that case, it is not a great fit for my large bell, Trevor James saxophone.

But this year at the NAMM Show 2023, I found a case that’s sleek, light and very protective.

Introducing the new Micro Zip Case from ProTec Style.

ProTec has been a major player in the music industry for decades, making cases for many instruments, as well as accessories and brass mutes.

When I heard about the new Zip Case from my friend, Zachary Sprull (of Rovner Products), I knew I had to get to their booth at NAMM.

I was so happy I did!

The case is light, durable and has a scratch resistant ABS shell.

My large bell Trevor James tenor saxophone fits perfectly in it!

I spoke with Andy Lutz from ProTec about all the features in this episode from the NAMM Show 2023.

You’ll hear about all the great features of this case.

Plus, I share a plane travel tip at the end.

And, there’s a cover you can buy separately that acts as an insulated case that adds extra pockets for storage.

It’s all in the video below:



Tenor Zip Case:

Alto Zip Case:




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This episode was proudly sponsored by Rovner Products, creators of fine ligatures for saxophone and clarinet for almost 50 years.


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