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This week’s episode from the NAMM Show features a personal friend of mine, Jim Scimonetti.

Those of us that live near Los Angeles know how much of a monster player he is on all the woodwinds.

He owned a music store and repair shop in Lancaster, CA for many years, and has been performing professionally for almost 50 years.

For the past few years, he has been working with Beechler & ARB Mouthpieces, in Northridge, CA.

Founded by Elmer Beechler in 1942, Beechler Mouthpieces design, manufacture, and distribute outstanding saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces and woodwind accessories.

Remlé Musical Products, Inc. has been under the direction of Elmer Beechler’s daughter, Judy Beechler Roan, since 1993.

All of their mouthpieces are made according to precise design specifications.

All surfaces are hand finished by skilled artisans and play tested by professional musicians.

Beechler Mouthpieces can also make custom mouthpieces to suit individual preferences.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • the latest Beechler mouthpieces for clarinet and saxophones
  • What makes Beechler different than most other companies
  • Funny story about where REMLE came from
  • a little Beechler history
  • a fun demo of slap tonguing by Jim
  • and more!



Here’s the Video:







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