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This week’s episode is one that will open some doors for you. Ben Britton is an important Educator and saxophonist that is going to enlighten you on sound production and overtones. Ben is the author of two fantastic volumes on these two subjects called A Complete Approach to Sound and A Complete Approach to Overtones. These books have been pivotal in the development of myself and so many of my students. We caught up with Ben to talk about many of the concepts in these books as well as his life and journey as a musician and educator. This one is so PACKED with actionable information and will make you want to double down on your sound production and flexibility goals.

In this episode:

  • How Ben came up in music and what brought him to where he is today.
  • Why hearing himself on recording sparked his ambition to write his two books.
  • What Chris Potter taught him about sound.
  • How to approach embouchure.
  • The physics of producing good tone.
  • The role of reeds in sound production.

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Dr. Mark Watkins Book on Sound


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