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Our 101st guest is Brent Vaartstra, a professional jazz guitarist living in New York City, and the Director of the internationally renowned jazz education company, Learn Jazz Standards. 

Even though Brent plays guitar, we thought it would be incredibly valuable for you to know about Learn Jazz Standards and to get into the mind of a really great jazz teacher.

Brent has helped hundreds of thousands of musicians around the world take their jazz playing to the next level, through his blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and online courses.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Brent’s contribution to the jazz community
  • How he discovered the tenets of a good improviser
  • His approach as a teacher on the internet’s information overload
  • What made him start Learn Jazz Standards
  • Learn Jazz Live 2021 2-day Virtual Summit
  • How basic music theory can go a long way
  • The $100 tool he can’t live without


Learn Jazz Live (Feb 27-28, 2021):  







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