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Chase Huna is a saxophonist, national recording artist, and songwriter from Palm Springs, CA who blends jazz, R&B, and pop into his style of music.

Chase started playing saxophone at the age of 10 after his dad bought him his very first sax for his birthday.

Chase put out his first song “On The Chase” to radio at 15 years old. This song was written and produced with the help of jazz guitarist and multi-billboard #1 song writer, Steve Oliver.

Chase continued to write new music with Steve every weekend between school.

He released his debut album “On The Chase” in January 2017. Since then, Chase has released a number of singles and full length albums to his name and is currently working on his 4th studio album.

His newest song release is “East Coast Swing”, which is what you are listening to in the background right now.

Most recently, Chase has been touring with folk-rock legend Al Stewart and his band The Empty Pockets. Al is best known for his songs “Time Passages” and “Year Of The Cat”.

Chase often performs with artists from the 70’s-80’s progressive rock era such as Ambrosia, John Ford Coley, Elliot Lurie (from Looking Glass), Walter Egan, and more!

Chase’s future goals are to further his career as a live performer and songwriter.

He is endorsed by Cannonball Instruments.

In this episode, talked about:

🎷 Importance of broadening your skills
🎷 Underslung vs traditional neck on the Cannonball Saxophones
🎷 Chase’s controversial perfect pitch statement
🎷 Emphasis on staying hydrated
🎷 How did he end up collaborating with producer Steve Oliver
🎷 And much more!


Here’s the Video:


Links and Resources:

1. Chase’s website:
2. Where you can buy his music:
3. Chase on Facebook:
4. Chase on Instagram:
5. Chase on Spotify:
6. Pick Up The Pieces, Live from Vicky’s of Santa Fe, Indian Wells (outro music in the audio podcast): 

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