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In early June, I attended the NAMM Show in Anaheim CA. NAMM stands for National Association of Music Merchants, an organization started in 1901 for companies in the music industry to connect, network and further their businesses.

Music companies often show off their latest products, and endorsed artists appear, sometimes giving impromptu concerts right on the convention floor.

It’s an exciting show – there are so many things going on at once.

Who can attend?

Music industry executives, companies, Artists who are endorsed by companies, and Music educators are the main attendees, but NAMM does allow the general public to attend. It is not free and ticket prices have changed.

If you are ever interested in attending in the future, you can go to for more info.

It can get really noisy on the NAMM Show floor, so it was really tricky trying to get decent audio.

You will hear background noise, for sure, as well as trumpeters and saxophonists, feeling the need to test out their extreme high range too.

But I captured some awesome interviews with Mindi Abair & Theo Wanne, Jody Espina and Danielle Walker from JodyJazz, Jason Whitmore, Joel Peskin & Bob Shephard from Retro Revival, Chika Inoue, Jeff Antoniuk, Jason Whitmore,  Rovner Products, SYOS mouthpieces, Beechler mouthpieces, Melvin Quinones from Growling Sax, Ramon Manas from Travel Sax and more!

All of the NAMM Show 2022 episodes are sponsored by Legere Reeds. (

In this episode, I interviewed Chris Kortschot from Legere, and we talked about:

🎷 Reed strength recommendations

🎷 Gerald Albright’s reed strength choices

🎷 Rotate or no? That’s the question

🎷 1 tip to soften the Legere reed strength



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