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Cory Weeds is a saxophonist, label owner, and one of Canada’s hardest working musicians. He studied saxophone at North Texas and has been making waves in the music industry ever since. He has performed with the likes of Mike Ledonne, Christian McBride, Joe Farnsworth, Peter Bernstein, and Joey DeFrancesco. He was the owner of the now defunct, Cellar Jazz Club in Vancouver. There, he made it a point to feature the unsung heroes of the jazz world and has produced many great recordings from this space.

Cory is also employed full time by Coastal Jazz & Blues where he serves as programming manager for clubs and festivals.

Weeds is someone who does it all and we can all learn a lot about making a living as a musician from him. In this day and age where we all need to be multi faceted just to make it in this business, Weeds is a shining example of someone who is on top of the music world and an inspiration to so many of us.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Seeing the world from the perspective of a club owner and musician at the same time.
  • How Cory balances all of the things going on in his life and still makes time for the saxophone.
  • What it was like to study at the famous University of North Texas.
  • Why he is passionate about running his own label and what keeps him putting out music.
  • What inspired him do an entire tribute album to the great Jackie Mclean.
  • What the jazz scene is like in Canada and what keeps him there.
  • His new Record Explosion with his little big band.