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If you were even a little bit curious about Fiberreed, this episode is for you!

Donna spoke with Daniel Hofmann, Fiberreed Representative for the U.S., at the NAMM Show 2023 in Anaheim, CA

Dannie gave a complete breakdown of ALL the Fiberreed models, including the 2 new ones added within the past 2 months.

We talked about:

  • All the different models of Fiberreeds
  • How Fiberreed started
  • What Fiberreeds are made of
  • The new models, Carbon GSax and RPL
  • The strengths of Fiberreed
  • How to know when the Fiberreed needs to be replaced

“The way the mouthpiece is shaped will affect how the reed works with it”


Here’s the Video:

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