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Danielle Walker has been playing saxophones since age 11.

She performed in all ensembles offered at her school, an at age 16, was the youngest and only female member of the group, The Jekyll Island Big Band.

In 1998, as a sophomore in Brevard College, she was featured on the baritone sax with that college’s Summer Jazz Workshop Faculty Band. The band was featured on National Public Radio, hosted by Branford Marsalis.

In September 2004, she joined the cast of the Historic Savannah Theater in Savannah, GA, and has performed 4000 shows over the years.

Danielle has performed on all saxophones, plus other woodwinds, percussion, and has also acted major roles on stage.

Danielle is endorsed by Legere Reeds, Rovner Products and Sax Dakota.

She has been working with Jody Espina, Founder of JodyJazz Mouthpieces since 2013.


Here’s the Video:


Danielle playing the HR Custom Dark on Bari:

About Danielle:




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