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Saxophonist, composer, educator Derek Brown, has performed over 200 international shows and in every state in the US as part of his Fifty-Fifty tour. He has well over 30 million social media views of his unique and revolutionary way of playing the saxophone, and has been featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition. 

We featured Derek for our very first episode here on the Everything Saxophone Podcast. You can find that episode on our site, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Donna caught up with Derek at the NAMM 2020 show in Anaheim for a brief interview and a special performance.

In this interview, we talked about: 

  • Derek’s latest projects, and how he has been able to be so innovative amongst all the noise out there
  • How Derek created a true way to articulate triple tonguing on the saxophone 
  • His approach to composing for Solo Sax and for big bands
  • And more

In addition to listening to the podcast, you can also watch the interview on our YouTube channel by clicking HERE or on the picture below


You can read more about Derek here:


Twitter and Instagram: @DerekBrownSax



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