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Saxophone nerds unite! This week’s episode is really fun and informative when it comes to thinking about the history of the amazing horns we play and some of the gear surrounding the instrument. Derek has made it his mission to be as knowledgeable as possible about vintage and modern saxophones and mouthpieces. Derek is also a fantastic saxophonist and woodwind artist based out of the Salt Lake City. You’ll know him from his social media accounts as Sax Spy where he features other players horns and the stories that go with them.

Derek is an important person in the saxophone world. He makes his knowledge readily available to anyone who wants it. With the plethora of equipment we have out there these days, this cannot be overlooked. If you’re not following Derek, you should be!

In this episode:

  • Derek’s ‘Vintie or Mintie’ series and how he came up with it.
  • Things to look for when checking out vintage Selmer instruments.
  • The history and characteristics of the most sought after vintage mouthpiece.
  • How to get a cheap mouthpiece to sound and play great.
  • A simple exercise to test your mouthpiece.
  • Sax Spy end plugs and the beauty of a hand made product.

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