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Latin Grammy Award Winner, Dr. Ed Calle,  is one of the most versatile saxophonists in the world.

Having been born to Spanish parents in Caracas, Venezuela, he showed tremendous musical potential at an early age, developing his own distinct sound (which many have said is part of his DNA).

Dr. Calle can be heard on over 1,700 albums, and over 10,000 singles, having performed with such legends as Randy and Michael Brecker,  Gloria Estefan, Arturo Sandoval, Frank Sinatra, Carlos Santana, Ricky Martin, Tito Puente, Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, and numerous others.

Dr. Ed Calle is a Latin Grammy® Award winner for Best Instrumental Album (2015) with Dr. Ed Calle Presents Mamblue,  and is also a five-time Grammy® nominee.


In this episode:

  1. Ed shared his personal stories about Michael Brecker, Dave Liebman, John Coltrane, working with The Bee Gees and Barbra Streisand, to name a few
  2. He gave tips for tone and breathing that have helped him recover from an injury sustained from overblowing
  3. Advice for all sax players on dealing with performing loud music
  4. His mic recommendations, and the new mic he is raving about
  5. How long it takes for material we’ve worked on to show up in our playing
  6. His impressions about the new Growling Sax Uprise model for Soprano Sax
  7. How JodyJazz mouthpieces helped Ed be able to maintain his high performance level even with his injury
  8. Ed’s views on practicing
  9. And a ton more!



Ed’s Website:

You can find Ed’s songs,Mamblue and Arepa Bop, featured for the podcast on YouTube and on Spotify:


Here’s the Video:


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