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You may not have heard about the new, patented design of the EMEO Digital Practice Saxophone. They started 9 years ago, and have been on the market for 4 years.

At the NAMM Show 2024, it was a big hit – their booth was crowded every single day.

This isn’t your conventional saxophone. It features a special patented design incorporating original springs, brass, and other unique elements. Instead of producing sound on its own, it functions as a wind MIDI controller. To generate sounds, it relies on external programs such as Respiro, Audio Modeling, SWAM, or digital audio workstations (DAWs). Moreover, it’s compatible with Windows or MAC operating systems, as well as iOS.

I spoke with Oleg Raskin from EMEO, and we talked about:

🎷 Inspiration for creating EMEO instruments
🎷 New mouthpieces for the EMEO
🎷 Random people testing EMEO at the NAMM Show
🎷 Matthias Kuhn showing latest developments with EMEO software & how it works
🎷 Saxophonist Carly Stock trying out the EMEO

Here’s the video:


Links and Resources:

1. EMEO Website:
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3. Instagram:
4. Youtube:
5. Twitter:
6. Carly Stock Podcast Episode:

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