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This week features an amazing saxophonist, composer, educator, and woodwind artist, Geof Bradfield. Geof is an important voice on the Chicago scene where he also teaches at Northern Illinois University. Bradfield hails from Houston and attended the famous High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Since then, Bradfield has called many places home including Washington and New York.

Geof has had the pleasure of sharing the stage and studio with such amazing players as Randy Weston, Carl Allen, Brian Blade, Rodney Whitaker, Etienne Charles, Joe Locke, and Orrin Evans. He also performs and records regularly with fellow Chicago artists including Dana Hall, Clark Sommers, Jeff Parker, Matt Ulery, Marquis Hill, and Ryan Cohan, to name a few. His latest record, Yes and, ….Music For Nine Improvisors is a masterpiece of improvisation, composition, and orchestration.

In this episode we talked many things saxophone and beyond:

  • How Geof started playing the saxophone and what his childhood in the Houston area meant to his development.
  • Why he calls Chicago home and what the scene there means to him.
  • How Geof developed his voice on the other woodwind instruments and keeps improving all the time.
  • The inspiration for his latest record and why he chose the players he did.
  • How he keeps his students motivated and working together.
  • Geof answers our five questions with ease!

Visit Jeff’s website for more information and buy his records!