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In this episode from the NAMM Show in June, Donna Schwartz spoke with musician and the founder of Victory Musical Instruments, parent company of The Growling Sax, Melvin Quinones.

Melvin Quinones is a Hispanic American entrepreneur, engineer, musician and the founder of Victory Musical Instruments, parent company of The Growling Sax.

With over 30+ years of professional music experience combined with 20 years of engineering background, he integrated many of the technologies and processes that have made the pioneers of the music industry successful with new technology, improved materials and ergonomics.

Melvin has over 30 years of experience as a saxophonist, keyboardist and record producer. Some of his relevant work includes 248th Army Band, Thalia, Tiziano Ferro, Frankie J, MDO, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Objetivo Fama & Miss Universe 2005 among many others.

He also ran the My Sax Talk social network for 10 years.

He is also the founder of Dance like David LLC, a faith-focused foundation created to provide musician instruments and educational resources to communities with low financial resources.

We talked about:

🎷 History of Victory Musical Instruments & Melvin’s background

🎷 How the name Growling Sax was created

🎷 How the Growling Saxes are different than other brands

🎷 How his background in engineering & moderating Sax Talk influenced the Growling Sax

🎷 Differences between Sterling Silver necks and other finishes

And MUCH more!


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