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Jack Finucane is the owner of the Boston Sax Shop, a full service horn repair and retail shop in the heart of Boston. Jack is making waves in the saxophone world by creating his own extensive product lines, curating some of the best saxophone products and accessories for sale in his shop, and generally being one of the best repair techs in the world. Jack works tirelessly to bring awareness and clarity to taking care of your largest investment, your instrument. Jack is also a really nice guy and was very generous with his time and energy educating all of us about the intricacies of our equipment and how it can help us to be better players.

We covered a lot in this episode and here are some of the things we focused on:

  • How Jack got into the world of repair and ultimately decided to open up shop in Boston.
  • The nerve wracking process of starting to work on professional horns.
  • Some tips on preventative maintenance of your own horn.
  • The Selmer legacy and why Jack believes so much in these instruments.
  • Jacks own product line and getting into the world of creating products from scratch.
  • The future of the industry and what to be hopeful for a weary of.

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