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Jeff Antoniuk has such an interesting background, having been born in Canada, and growing up in Nigeria.

He’s performed with Tim Hagans, Sherrie Maricle, Ingrid Jensen, Walt Weiskopf and Marcus Miller. He has fronted his own bands as a performer and composer, winning accolades from JazzTimes Magazine.

Jeff is a well-respected educator, and currently is the Founder and Director of JazzWire, an online service that offers lessons and community for adult jazz students.

He started the Maryland Summer Jazz Camp 19 years ago, now called the JazzWire Jazz Summer Summit and now available not only in-person, but online as well at

The last time I spoke Jeff was also at the NAMM Show 2020, right before COVID shut everything down.

This is the 3rd episode in our Live at NAMM 2022 Show series. NAMM stands for National Association of Music Merchants, and they usually have 2 large shows/conventions every year. This year was just once in Anaheim CA in June.

All of the NAMM Show 2022 episodes are sponsored by Legere Reeds, and today’s guest recently made the switch to Legere Reeds.

In this episode, we talked about:

🎷 How Jeff made the switch to Legere Reeds

🎷 The tip he shares to soften a Legere Reed

🎷 How ReedGeek’s tool can help alter a Legere Reed

🎷 Jeff’s everyday ritual 😂

🎷 What Jeff did during COVID that has benefitted his community now

🎷 JazzWire Jazz  Summer Summit

🎷 The Tool, JackTrip, and how Jeff is integrating it into JazzWire

🎷 How technology will expand in 2, 5 years and how to embrace it

🎷 What’s coming up in 2022 for Jeff



Episode 80 with Jeff Antoniuk:


Summer Jazz Summit 2022:




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