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Jennifer Price, creator of Vigilante Mouthpieces,  attended Berklee College of Music where she was a flute major.

After graduating, she left Boston for NYC, where she worked on 48th Street in the music district by day as a woodwind buyer for various shops and played all sorts of jazz and classical gigs nights and weekends. 

She didn’t own a saxophone at Berklee but learned to play after college.  Her teachers were the NY saxophonists who helped me to craft my sound. 

As a buyer on 48th Street, she learned a lot through various well-known saxophonists about mouthpieces, which began her interest in what shapes a mouthpiece sound. 

After working for years in NYC, she was offered a job working with Dave Guardala. At that time, Dave was working with the top saxophonists in the world and his work was well respected. Guardala and Price worked together for more than a decade creating works of musical art for Tom Scott, Branford Marsalis, Bill Evans and most notably Michael Brecker. 

She took the skills learned with Guardala to create her own Vigilante Mouthpieces.  

Price has had the honor of working with four former Tower of Power saxophonists as well as Richard Elliot, Paul Taylor, Euge Groove, Jeff Ryan and many others. 


In this episode we talked about:

  • Similarities of flute, trumpet, and other horns
  • How Dave Guardala met Dave Liebman and Michael Brecker
  • How Michael Brecker’s concert changed her perception towards saxophone
  • How she picked reeds for Michael Brecker
  • What people should look for when choosing reeds
  • Her first time meeting Dave Guardala
  •  Rules for mouthpieces
  • And tons of great stories!




Her music store in Simi Valley, CA: 

Store phone number: 818.269.9856


Vigilante Mouthpieces: 



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