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Born in a very small town in Denmark (Vejle) in 1982, Jeppe took a keen interest in the drums at a young age.

Jeppe Zacho also started playing saxophone at 15 years old, upon his father’s advice.

As a teenager, Jeppe traveled to Cuba to study the intricate Cuban rhythms he so loved.

This monumental experience influenced his future compositions and performances.

Since 2008, he has been a saxophone teacher at Frederiksberg music college, where he teaches bands, saxophone and clarinet classes.

Jeppe has been on the Danish music scene for many years and performs in groups such as Jazz Five, The Counterfictionals, Jack Street, and various Big Bands.

Jeppe has received a Danish Music Award twice in the “Jazz for Children of the Year” category, first in 2013 and 2016 with the band Jazz Five.

Furthermore, he has been nominated in the main prize category “Best Danish Jazz Release of the Year” with the band The Counterfictionals in 2019.

His newest eponymous release, Introducing Jeppe Zacho, is his first as a bandleader.

The album highlights the influence of his father, also a jazz saxophonist, and his teacher and mentor at the Rhythmic Conservatory, Christina von Bulow.

You can learn more about Jeppe, and buy his new album on his website, listed below under Resources.

In this episode, we talked about:

🎷 Discussion on his new album
🎷 Jeppe’s heroes
🎷 What influenced his style in music
🎷 What made him stick into playing saxophone instead of doing drums
🎷 Next album in line
🎷 And many more!

Here’s the Video:



1. Website:
2. Site to buy his new album:
3. Facebook:
4. Instagram:


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