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There was a ton of action going on at the P. Mauriat booth during the NAMM Show 2024. Despite that, I still had the privilege of speaking with Jeremiah True, Brand Manager at P. Mauriat, who is a really special guy.

Jeremiah True is a versatile woodwind performer proficient in all saxophones, clarinets, flutes, and bassoons. With a rich background spanning orchestral, jazz, theatre pits, and rock ‘n roll, he brings extensive experience to every performance. Recently, he concluded a distinguished 21-year tenure in the US Air Force Band Program, marking a celebrated chapter in his musical journey.

P. Mauriat instruments are crafted with unparalleled attention to detail. Each saxophone body undergoes extensive hand-hammering, up to 400 times, ensuring exceptional resonance. Precision is paramount, with each tone hole drawn individually for consistent response and intonation. Their lacquer process, applied in three stages, creates a timeless vintage finish. Hand engraving, done with a simple tool and years of expertise, adds a final touch of mastery. Every instrument is meticulously inspected by their quality control team to guarantee excellence.

We talked about:

🎷 20th anniversary alto and tenor saxophones
🎷 P. Mauriat touring case
🎷 How his ability to double changed his life
🎷 How he managed practicing and mastering his craft with an extremely busy schedule
🎷 And much more!

“The ability to make yourself indispensable as a musician is key.”
You’re better to do a lot of a little, than a little of a lot.”
“I’m not an innovator, I’m an emulator.”
– Jeremiah True

Here’s the video:



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