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Tomplay is an interactive sheet music app which is used by more than one million musicians across 72 countries, and by hundreds of schools and conservatories worldwide. 

The interactive sheet music scrolls automatically on the screen synchronized with high-quality recordings of professional musicians.

Musicians can access a catalog of over 40,000 sheet music arrangements for 26 different instruments in the Tomplay app. 

In this episode, I spoke with a fellow saxophonist, Julia Sprossman.

Being a passionate hobby saxophonist, Julia has enjoyed many years of classical music education. Her next musical goal is to improve her Jazz improvisation skills. 

At TomPlay, Julia is looking after the German and English speaking clients and partner music schools to make sure all musicians have a great experience using Tomplay.

We talked about:

  1. How TomPlay was created from a gap in the backing tracks industry
  2. Letting the Secret out! (The next version of TomPlay will have this much-requested capability)
  3. How TomPlay adapted during the pandemic to create a brand new feature for ensembles
  4. Extensive TomPlay app demo and its features
  5. How to use TomPlay to transcribe and study others’ solos
  6. How to use TomPlay on gigs; creating Setlists and more
  7. Special features for Music Teachers and their students
  8. How TomPlay can be adapted for special learners


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  • You have now unlimited free access to the whole Tomplay catalog for 14 days and can enjoy a 30% discount on the yearly subscription after the trial ends. Your free trial can also be used in our IOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android (tablet and smartphone) apps. Simply login in the apps to your Tomplay account and you will have automatically access.

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