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This week we caught up with Kris Urbanski for an exciting conversation. Kris is a saxophonist and educator based out of London and has been dazzling audiences around the world with his amazing sound and approach to the instrument for some years now. Kris is really pushing the boundaries of jazz music through his playing and compositions and has made quite a following for fans of the music the world over. Kris has been featured in many international competitions over the years including first prize in the Saxophone Idol Competition, the Taichung International Saxophone Competition, and the Hoeliaart Saxophone Competition. He has also been a featured guest and clinician at conferences and events around the globe including the World Saxophone Congress held in Croatia in 2018.

In this episode:

  • How Kris got his start in music growing up in Poland.
  • Moving to the jazz center of Europe in London to pursue his career.
  • Coming up with your own exercises.
  • Why Kris doesn’t write many things down and prefers to learn by ear.
  • Approaching technique through classical playing.

Please check out Kris’s website!

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One of my personal favorite YouTube performances by Kris’s Band!

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