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A number of classical saxophonists had approached me at the NAMM Show a few years ago to let me know about the Lefreque Sound Bridge.

They were saying it radically improved their overall sound and made it more efficient to produce in-tune pitches due to the way the Lefreque Sound Bridge bypassed some of the nodes on the saxophone.

You can get the details from our previous episode HERE.

What surprised me was that the Lefreque company came out with a new ligature.

This ligature is based on the principles of their Sound Bridge, and allows the reed to vibrate more freely (hence the name, Free-Reed Ligature).

At the NAMM Show, Hans and I spoke about:

  • How Hans came up with the idea for the new Free-Reed Ligature
  • How the new Free-Reed Ligature works
  • How the Free-Reed ligature keeps the shape of the reed
  • Other placements for the Free-Reed Ligature


You can catch the Video Here:




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