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Established in 1974 by Phil Rovner, Rovner® began its journey with the creation of one ligature, the original Dark. Since then, it has expanded its range to encompass four “Classic” models and four “NextGeneration” models. Distributed globally, Rovner® products are cherished by musicians of all levels, from novices to top-tier professionals. Despite numerous imitators, the name “Rovner” commands profound respect and trust within the music community. Musicians consistently turn to Rovner® for its unwavering reliability, exceptional quality, and ongoing commitment to innovation.

Since George Reeder assumed the role of President and Co-Owner of Rovner Products in 2014, the ligature catalog has significantly expanded. Introducing the Next Generation ligatures, including The Versa X, the Star Series, The Legacy, The Platinum, Platinum Gold, and the Van Gogh, Rovner Products has continued to innovate under his leadership. Alongside his wife and Co-Owner, Lynn, they’ve spearheaded the development of new products, such as the LGX Saxophone Ligature. This innovative ligature was recently unveiled at the NAMM Show 2024, marking a special milestone—the celebration of Rovner’s 50th anniversary.

The LGX ligature is a combination of the Rovner Legacy and Rovner Van Gogh ligatures.

We talked about:

🎷 Celebrating Rovner’s 50th Anniversary
🎷 What’s new with LGX ligature
🎷 Ligature close-up
🎷 Where can you buy Rovner products

Here’s the video:


Links and Resources:

1. Donna’s review of the LGX Ligature:
2. Where to purchase: (can also get sizing info here) or
3. Rovner Products Facebook:
4. Rovner Products Instagram:

This episode was proudly sponsored by Rovner Products, creators of fine ligatures for saxophone and clarinet for almost 50 years.

If you perform in Rock, Blues, Marching Band, Military ensembles, and are tired of getting drowned out by all the other instruments, you need to try Rovner’s latest offering, the LGX Ligature. Pure power without losing the quality of your tone. Just go to for more info and to purchase.

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