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If you haven’t tried Marca Reeds yet, listen to this interview to see why you should!

At NAMM 2018, Donna was hearing all this great buzz about Marca Reeds. Unfortunately, she got to the booth too late to get samples in the strength she needed, but she had a great conversation with
Aaron Elvy, the Sales Manager.
A week or so later, he sent her some samples of the Jazz reeds. She couldn’t believe how every reed she pulled out just worked…no adjusting!

She contacted Aaron for our podcast because she felt our listeners really needed to know more about these reeds.
Donna also did a review on Youtube
Here’s what’s in this episode:
  • The history of Marca reeds – it’s longer than you think
  • How Marca Reeds stand out from the others
  • The other brand of reeds that Marca has designed a special cut for
  • The different styles of Marca Reeds and the strength comparisons to other brands
  • Advice for pursuing music industry jobs
  • Where to purchase Marca Reeds

Check out the video interview below (and please share 😊)