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Saxophonist and mouthpiece creator, Matt Lee uncovered his passion for music when his grandmother bought him his 1st alto saxophone. 

From that point, he knew he found his calling. 

Matt followed his dream from California to Nevada, and writes most of his own music and produces from Las Vegas. 

He is a self taught saxophonist with no formal training, learning how to play by ear from listening to his favorite artists, and being inspired by everything around him.

His musical influences stem from Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Al Jarreau to Grover Washington Jr. 

He started WestCoast Sax in 2014. It brings him a lot of joy in making Mouthpieces for artists to help find their sound and make playing a little easier. 

WestCoastSax Artists are Boney James, Euge Groove, Jackiem Joyner, Dean James, Will Donato, MO Louis, Chris Godber and many more.

The opening segment of the podcast was from his new single release, One More Kiss.

His new EP will be out next year, which will include his recent release, One More Kiss. Three of his songs are available now everywhere you hear music on digital platforms.

We talked about:

  • How he went from being totally self-taught on saxophones to performing, mixing and mastering his own songs
  • The surprise gig he landed from opening up for (Jefferson) Starship
  • Smoking cigars with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • How being a Respiratory Therapist during COVID influenced his music
  • Matt’s advice for knowing your limits
  • EXCLUSIVE!; A private tour of Matt’s recording studio and equipment
  • How Matt records high quality video & audio
  • and more


Stay in your lane 

Matt Lee







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You can watch the video here (and you’ll want to catch Matt’s Studio Tour):



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