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Matt Otto is one of my favorite saxophone players and teachers. Matt’s approach to the language and creativity is one of the most important voices in the jazz world. His amazing website is a treasure trove of lessons, advice, and wisdom on being the best player you can be. Matt has lived and played all over the world and brings that experience to our conversation. Matt lives in Kansas City and is currently the Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies at Kansas University (KU)  teaching Jazz Theory and Performance, Jazz Combo 1 and private lessons.

Please enjoy my conversation with Matt Otto!

In this episode:

  • Living and playing in Japan and what it’s like to experience such a different culture.
  • Matt’s most important teachers and what they did to help shape his voice.
  • Matt’s struggles with carpal tunnel and RSI and what players can do to prevent and recover from these problems.
  • Matt’s important emphasis on aural skills and what they can do for your playing.
  • Matt answers our famous 5 questions!

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