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Matt Stohrer has been repairing, selling, and trading saxophones for a long time. He takes pride in his work, and cares deeply about what he does.

He learned his craft in New York City, working for Sam Ash Music on the famed Music Row, 48th St. in Times Square, Manhattan where he started as a coffee-running apprentice and worked his way up to Head Woodwind Repairman of their flagship store. 

After working for Sam Ash, he opened a small saxophone specialty shop in Brooklyn, where he repaired many horns to exacting standards for the best and brightest of New York’s saxophone crowd and also bought and sold vintage horns and mouthpieces.  He had a view of the Manhattan skyline from his roof in an old warehouse by the Gowanus canal, and was busier than ever.

But something was missing- personal space, clean air, a yard for my kids, a place to work on my car, seeing the stars at night, space for some hobbies.  So one day in 2010,  he picked up and moved to beautiful North Carolina, where he found a cozy and warm house in the woods between Durham and Hillsborough. Here, he continues to grow his business, learn new things and perfect his craft.

As a repairman, I service all saxophones (and only saxophones), with my specialty being high end, vintage and unusual saxophones done well for picky players. 

He remains a small, one-man business repairing and selling saxophones. He is committed to his ideals,  and doubts he will ever grow much beyond a one-man shop.  Personal interaction and customer relationships built on shared love of the saxophone are paramount, and advice will always be free.

“Saxophones are my passion.”

Matt Stohrer

We talked about:

  • Working with vintage horns
  •  The TRUTH about what relacquering does to your saxophone
  • Overhauling a Saxophone
  • Advise on buying instruments online
  • Tips for people with little to no access on repair shops and tools
  • Basic everyday maintenance
  • Matt’s take on saxophone clamps
  • Best pads for your saxophone





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