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Mauro Di Gioia is an entrepreneur, free-lance saxophonist/woodwind player, and the founder and President of ReedGeek, Inc. (which manufactures ReedGeek Products) based in Carson City, Nevada.

For many years Mauro has dedicated his time to the betterment of reeds and reed performance for all woodwind players: publishing several articles on reed acoustics and adjustment in leading industry magazines and guest lecturing for master classes at various colleges in the United States and abroad.

Mauro has also worked with and designed reed cuts for some of the greatest players in the world, including David Sanborn.

We talked about:

  • 1st thing you should do with a new cane reed
  • Adjust the heart of the reed or no?
  • Difference between French cut & American cut reeds
  • Can you use ReedGeek on Legere Reeds?
  • The Geeklet
  • Can you bring the ReedGeek on a plane?
  • The new Chromium Klangbogen & science behind them
  • And more!


Here’s the Video:


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