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Max Ionata has garnered critical acclaim for his fresh take on the standards of the Jazz Masters.

Born in 1972, he is considered one of the greatest Italian contemporary saxophonists on the scene today, having published over 70 records.

Max has recorded with musicians such as Robin Eubanks, Mike Stern, Joe Locke, Bob Mintzer, Joel Frahm and many others, all over the world.

For his album, Like, the other musicians were Jesper Bodilsen on double bass and Martin Maretti Andersen on drums.

This episode was conducted via email, as Max is incredibly busy.

We “spoke with” Max Ionata about:

🎷 His new album, Like
🎷 Exercises he uses to get an even tone & flexibility throughout the range of the #saxophone
🎷 Who his main influences were for this album
🎷 PLUS, you will hear tracks from the new album, Like

Here’s the Video:


You can read more of his Bio on his site HERE.







Buy his CD’s here:

Previous Episode: Max Ionata Podcast; International Jazz Veteran – Ep 132


Songs played during the episode:

Cold Duck Time, Soul Station, Like, Oblivion, Who Cares, But


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