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Here’s a little background on SYOS Mouthpieces…

SYOS, which stands for Shape Your Own Sound, mouthpieces was founded by Pauline Eveno, a musician with a PhD in Acoustics.

In 2015, she printed the first mouthpieces and some famous French saxophone players were using them.

SYOS constantly incorporates feedback from musicians to improve their mouthpieces.

And they have an innovative process, with extensive questions to help you design your own mouthpiece.

You can hear more how she started the company in Episode 59 of our show – the link will be in the show notes.

SYOS Ambassadors include Godwin Louie, Tivon Pennicott, Michael Wilbur, Scott Page, Sarah Dunbar, Mariela Versola, Scott Paddock and many others.

For more information on these mouthpieces, and to design your own mouthpiece, you can visit their FAQ page on their website,

Maxime Carron, whom I spoke with at NAMM, started working with Pauline in 2016. He is the Co-Founder & Technical Director of SYOS.

He has an extensive background in research in Cognitive Sciences and Sound Design.

We spoke about:

  • SYOS’s new line of saxophone mouthpieces
  • The new material & new colors available
  • How you can get a customized mouthpiece
  • Their new line of reeds
  • And More!

Here’s the Video:




Pauline Eveno episode 59-


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