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Marca’s New Cane & Synthetic Unic Reeds blend the sonic richness of traditional cane with the durability of synthetic fibers, featuring a pioneering composition of 95% cane and 5% synthetic material, offering a potential 6-month lifespan while preserving stability and humidity control, and treated like conventional cane reeds, available for saxophones and clarinets—truly a unique innovation that left me unable to resist remarking on its exceptional nature!

For over 60 years, Marca has perfected the art of reed-making, blending traditional expertise with modern innovation. With a commitment to quality ingrained in every step of the process, from the careful selection and aging of the finest French cane to the skilled craftsmanship and rigorous testing by renowned professionals, Marca reeds have become the preferred choice of discerning wind musicians globally. Whether for student or professional use, Marca’s reeds stand as a testament to excellence, offering unparalleled performance at a competitive price, ensuring that musicians everywhere can experience the unmatched quality crafted by the most exacting hands.


We talked about:

🎷 The new Marca Reeds, Unic model
🎷 How the Unic reeds are produced
🎷 When the reeds will be available


Here’s the video:



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