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Paul Cohen is one of America’s most sought-after saxophonists for orchestral and chamber concerts and solo recitals. 

Dr. Paul Cohen has rediscovered and performed lost saxophone literature, including works for saxophone and orchestra by Loeffler, Florio and Dahl as well as chamber works by Grainger, Ornstein, Sousa, Cowell, Siegmeister, and Loeffler. 

He has published more than one hundred articles on the history and literature of the saxophone in the Saxophone Journal, Instrumentalist, CBDNA Notes, Clarinet and Saxophone Society Magazine of Great Britain, The Grainger Society Journal, and the Saxophone Symposium.  His seminal column, “Vintage Saxophones Revisited,” was featured in the Saxophone Journal from 1985 – 2002.

Recent CDs include American Landscapes, (American music), Common Ground (chamber music), New York Rising ( American music for saxophone quartet),  Heard Again for the First Time (premiering lost music) and his latest,  Soprano Summit  (soprano saxophone).

Dr. Cohen is currently on the faculties of the Manhattan School of Music, NYU, Columbia University  and Rutgers University.

We talked about:

  • How Paul finds vintage horns (this was before the internet!)
  • How the tonal qualities of saxophones changed over the years
  • Why people play vintage saxophones
  •  His reed strength choice for certain vintage saxes
  • and more!

Links – Paul’s Videos:


Sopranino Demo

Unheard of Instruments in the Saxophone Family:

Dr Paul Cohen Talk About Vintage Saxophones at Google:

Percy Grainger’s Lisbon Played on Rare Instruments:


  1. Soprano Summit -The Movie: 
  2. The Altissimo Primer – on Hickey’s Music site: 
  3. Paul’s email:


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