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Pauline Eveno is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Shape Your Own Sound mouthpiece company based out of Paris. We caught up with Pauline to talk about her studies in acoustics and how she came to find herself making mouthpieces for saxophone players all over the world. SYOS has been working closely with some of the top players around the globe to figure out what makes a great mouthpiece. With their 3D printing technology, they can tailor a mouthpiece to any preference. Pauline goes into great detail about the process and what she has learned through her time at the helm of this company.

In this episode:

  • Why Pauline chose to study acoustics and what goes into designing a mouthpiece.
  • How SYOS was born and has continued to grow.
  • Working closely with the artists to make the best mouthpiece possible.
  • The design process of a 3D printed mouthpiece.
  • The difference in material between hard rubber, metal, and ABS plastic.
  • New and inventive design elements of SYOS mouthpieces.

Visit the SYOS Website to learn more!