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This episode is Part 1 of a 2-part series with the world-class woodwind specialist, Pedro Eustache.

Pedro, widely known as Pedro Flute, was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and has been a US citizen for decades.

Pedro’s beginnings were marked by a rich musical culture inspired by his family, and in particular his brother, who exposed him to all types of music at a very young age.

Since that time, Pedro has become an award winning world-class flute/winds/wind synthesist/electronics soloist; composer, lecturer, educator, and researcher.

Pedro has more than seven years of Orchestral Symphonic experience (founder member of El Sistema’s “Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra” (Venezuela).

Wind instruments acoustic research has led him to a collection of around 600 musical instruments [both acoustic,& electronic], which includes many uniquely designed/built by himself.

Pedro is the winds featured soloist with “Hans Zimmer Live”, “Game of Thrones-Live Concert Experience” & “The World of Hans Zimmer” since 2017. He held the same position with New-Age super star Yanni from 1995-2006.

He has also performed with Sir Paul McCartney, Sir John Williams, Herb Albert, Alex Acuna and countless others.

The link to his full biography is under Pedro’s Links, below.

We spoke about:

🎷 How Pedro became comfortable performing in public
🎷 How Pedro dealt with performance anxiety
🎷 Pedro’s audition for Yanni
🎷 Yanni’s influence on Pedro’s studio work & getting back into saxophone
🎷 What Yanni said to Pedro that raised the level of his performance
🎷 And so much more!

Here’s the Video: 


Pedro’s Links:

Bio pdf link:


Wikipedia Bio:


Musical Phenomenology:

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