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Phil Rovner founded Rovner Products in 1974, when he created the Original Dark ligature. To this day, that ligature is still one of the top sellers in the entire Rovner catalog.

Over the years, more Classic models were developed, such as the Light, the Eddie Daniels (the Versa replaced this one), and the Mk III.

When George Reeder, current President and Co-Owner of Rovner Products took over in 2014, the ligature catalog has expanded to include the Next Generation ligatures: The Versa X, the Star Series, The Legacy, The Platinum, Platinum Gold and the Van Gogh.

Since I’ve been getting so many questions on the Van Gogh ligature, in this episode, George gives more background and a demo on how to properly place this unique ligature.

Since 2014, he and his wife and Co-Owner, Lynn, have developed even more products, some of which we are going to talk about in this episode.

And there’s an incredibly special discount that George is going to reveal that you DON’T want to miss!

Great quotes:

“Rovner creates New Art, not an iteration of existing art”


YouTube Video of this episode is HERE

NAMM 2020 Interview is HERE









Questions about the correct Rovner Van Gogh ligature size for your mouthpiece?