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Rulon Brown grew up in the boondocks of Anchorage, Alaska playing saxophone in coffee shops and pit orchestras for caffeinated audiences with cabin fever. As a teenager, he spent summers in Pittsburgh studying with legendary soul saxophonist Eric Kloss.
He performs many genres of music, including Celtic Jazz and Latin music, and his commercial credits include work for interactive media, TV, radio, web, and phone systems.
Rulon created the Seattle OnHold music program, a first-of-it’s kind showcase of local musicians that attracted front-page praise from the Los Angeles Times and inspired great cities across the U.S. to emulate the program.
In addition to his artistic work, Rulon created and founded Key Leaves® – a line of revolutionary sax care products that prevent sticky sax pads by leaving keys open to dry.

In this episode, we talked about:
  • the diverse talents that Rulon has, and how that has propelled him to success
  • the incredible attention to detail that Rulon used to create his products
  • the tremendous amount of science and research that went into creating Key Leaves
  • the patent process
  • the results from the year of pad rot
  • how the Vent Vine can improve your facility on the horn
  • the latest big-name endorser for Key Leaves
  • how to keep motivated during challenging times
  • and much, much more
You can watch the episode on YouTube by clicking here.

Here are FAQs about Key Leaves
Here are some of the findings from his “year in pad rot.”
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