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For the second time, we are featuring New York-based saxophonist and composer Sam Newsome on this episode.

Sam Newsome often works in the medium of solo saxophone, and has released several critically acclaimed solo saxophone CDs.

Since we last spoke to Sam in episode 106 in 2021, he has won the Soprano Saxophone category in the 15th Annual International Critics Poll, been nominated in 2023 for the SOPRANO SAXOPHONIST OF THE YEAR by the Jazz Journalist Awards.

In addition to his solo work, Sam also performs in his own Trio and Quartet, as well as the Chaos Theory Unit Saxophone Quartet.

His latest recordings include Soprano-Logues, a digital-only recording with Dave Liebman, and Cosmic Unconsciousness Unplugged, a duet with pianist Jean Michel Pilc.


In this episode, we listen to, and talk extensively about that recording, along with:

  • Why Sam thinks every musician is an improviser
  • Embracing simplicity and clarity in improvisation
  • The importance of surrendering to the moment and not having expectations
  • How playing live and recording in the studio have different energy and mindset requirements
  • The challenges and rewards of playing solo, including adaptability and maintaining flow
  • Exploring fiction writing during the COVID-19 pandemic and Sam’s future plans
  • And much more!


Here’s the Video:


Links and Resources:

  1. Sam Newsome Ep 106
  2. Donna’s review of Sam’s book, Be Inspired, Stay Focused:
  3. Sam’s website:
  4. Sam’s Instagram:
  5. To buy/stream Sam’s album, Cosmic Consciousness Unplugged:


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