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This episode, filmed on location at the Jody Jazz Factory in Savannah, GA, is a masterclass by Jody Espina in saxophone mouthpiece anatomy.

Even if you are not an equipment geek, this episode will answer all your saxophone mouthpiece questions.

Jody went into great detail about:

  • A possible reason for why your low notes do not come out
  • How the facing curve affects your sound
  • The best strength reed to play altissimo
  • How to choose your tip opening
  • How to choose your reed strength
  • A common misconception when buying mouthpieces
  • Avoid this massive mistake when trying out mouthpieces
  • High baffle or no?
  • Advice for self-taught musicians searching for a saxophone mouthpiece
  • Should you play the mouthpiece model your idol uses?
  • And SO much more!

“It never hurts to try stuff. The preconception keeps you from trying something that’s just right.”

 – Jody Espina









This episode was sponsored by Jody Jazz Mouthpieces, world-famous saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece makers.

Visit to see why artists like Kirk Whalum, Tom Scott, Andy Snitzer, George Garzone, Jeff Kashiwa, Claire Daly, Ed Calle, Derek Brown and so many others play Jody Jazz mouthpieces.


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**The audio selections during the podcast were samples from Jody Espina’s many videos:


Jody Jazz Jet Alto Sax Mouthpiece Demonstration:


Jody Espina’s Solo – Vanessa Rubin with the Savannah Jazz Orchestra at 2019 SJF:


Jody at the Savannah Jazz Festival 2022: