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Multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, Sylvain Carton has performed with a number of groups in a variety of genres.
Born in France, and having lived in various parts of the U.S., Sylvain was exposed to many types of music growing up, in particular Bluegrass, folk and world music.
His current endeavors include performing eclectic original music with such groups as Japonize Elephants and Beats Antique (of whom he was touring with at the time of this interview).
Sylvain now resides in Los Angeles, CA, where he has set up Vandoren’s Los Angeles Advisory Studio, a place to try out the various Vandoren mouthpieces and reeds.

In our interesting conversation, he talked about:
  • the difference between jazz and classical cut reeds
  • filed vs. unfiled – what’s the difference?
  • the reed making process in Vandoren’s France location
  • the specifics of Vandoren’s reeds and mouthpieces
  • a Pro tip for trying out mouthpieces
  • what to expect at any of the 3 Vandoren Advisory studios
  • and much more…
Sylvain’s websites:
Japonize Elephants –
Beats Antique (band I’m currently on tour with) –

Check out the video interview below (and please share 😊)