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Travel Sax 2 in many colorsRamon Manas, Founder of Odisei Music, and Creator of the Travel Sax wanted to find a way to practice his saxophone more.

His time was limited and his living situation didn’t allow him the freedom to practice whenever he wanted.

Because of that, he was starting to get self-conscious about playing at all.

Having an engineering background, Ramon got to work on creating the Travel Sax, a practice tool for saxophone players who were facing similar problems as he.

After much research, experimentation and prototype testing, he created the 1st version of the Travel Sax.

The reviews were great, but Ramon wanted to improve it even more.

After receiving feedback from backers and professional musicians, Ramon designed the prototypes for Travel Sax 2.

In this episode, I peppered him with every possible question I could think of that would help you decide if the Travel Sax 2 is right for you.

We talked about:

  • How Ramon Manas came up with the idea for the Travel Sax
  • How it works
  • New Color options for the keys and body
  • How easy it is to make any repairs
  • The differences and similarities to a typical saxophone
  •  Mouthpiece compatibility
  • Ramon does a sound demo
  •  Internal sound vs. midi
  • Standard mouthpiece vs. Travel Sax’s mouthpiece
  • The case features and size
  •  Limited time Indiegogo campaign for Travel Sax 2


Travel Sax Links:

Indiegogo Link: Until Aug 18, 2021:

Website: (Travel Sax V1 and info of V2) 

Youtube channel:

 Instagram: @odiseimusic



You can watch the video of this episode here:



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