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Odisei Music is a Spanish company based in Barcelona founded by Ramon Mañas (CEO).

Their story began 5 years ago when Ramon was studying music in Berlin.

At that time, he was sharing a small flat with 2 other musicians and began learning how to play the saxophone.

From that point, they have been obsessed with creating the smallest and lightest electronic saxophone in the world, to help saxophonists practice and play silently when and wherever they want without disturbing others.

That event generated what is today the main mission of Odisei Music.

In this episode, we covered:

🎷 How his practicing struggles influenced the creation of the Travel Sax

🎷 The goal behind the Travel Sax

🎷 The many uses for the Travel Sax

🎷 We checked out the case and mouthpiece for the Travel Sax

🎷 How to use Travel Sax as a performing tool

And MUCH more!


Here’s the Video:


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